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Last but not least...Mary Bourke Mannix.

Mary Bourke was the daughter of John Bourke and Margaret Meaney, born c. 1826-29 in either Tipperary or Limerick....varying sources have conflicting evidence as to whether Mary and her sisters were born in Tipperary or Limerick. The passenger list of the Duchess of Northumberland, which brought Mary and her family to Melbourne in 1841, stated that Mary Bourke was a 15 year old house servant from Tipperary who could neither read or write.Similarly, her siblings were stated as being from Tipperary.

Mary Bourke initially lived at Campbellfield with her father, John Bourke, and his second wife, Ellen. In 1847, at St. Francis Catholic Church, Melbourne, Mary Bourke married James Mannix,a County Clare man who must have swum to Australia because I just cannot find his shipping record anywhere!! I don't even know his parents' names, as when he died in 1880, the informant for his death certificate stated "Unknown" for both parents.This seems ridiculous, as the informant was his son, John Mannix, but it is amazing just how many people in the 19th century registered a parent's death without having knowledge of the names of their own grandparents.

Like his brother-in-law Lawrence Bourke, James Mannix settled in the Kilmore district very early in the town's development. He purchased farming land in the early days of settlement at Bylands, and the Mannix family home was built at Goldie near Kilmore. James Mannix at one stage was the proprietor of the Market Square Hotel in Kilmore as there was a notice in the Argus newspaper of March 29, 1853, to this effect.

 In June of 1865, the Kilmore Free Press carried several advertisements alerting the general public that James Mannix was auctioning his farm of 59 acres, "more or less", situated on the main Sydney Road about three miles from Kilmore. The farm was described as follows:
" The greater part consists of good farming land. The farm house is of brick, two storey, five excellent rooms, with garden &c. attached. The farm is watered , and has access to a good common. The sale will take place at the Red Lion Hotel, Kilmore."

  In May of 1866, James Mannix of Goldie, Colony of Victoria, gave notice in the Kilmore Free Press that he had applied to the President of the Board of Land and Works for a license to reside on or cultivate 20 acres of land in the county of Dalhousie, parish of Moranding.

The following children were born to Mary Bourke and James Mannix:
Margaret Mannix born Kilmore, 1848
Mary Ann Mannix born Kilmore 1849. St. Patricks Kilmore baptism register: "Mary Ann, daughter of James Mannix and Mary Bourke, born May 1, 1848; baptised May 15, 1848. Sponsors Lawrence Bourke and Bridget Lawler."
John Mannix born Kilmore, 1850.Baptism record for St. Patricks, Kilmore: "John Mannix, son of James Mannix and Mary Bourke, baptised July 21, 1850; born July 11, 1850. Sponsors John Butler and Margaret Butler."
Edward Mannix born Kilmore, 1852
Patrick Mannix born 1858
Laurence Mannix born Bylands 1860 Died 1860
James Mannix born Kilmore, 1867
Mary Mannix born Kilmore, 1871

There are large unexpected gaps between the registered children in the Mannix family...six years between Edward(1852) and Patrick(1858), then seven years between Lawrence (1860) and James(1867).After James it was then four years before final child Mary Mannix was born in 1871.
Sons Thomas and a second Lawrence seem not to have been registered...when their father James died in 1879 his children were listed as John 30; Thomas 25; Edward 23; Patrick 21; Lawrence 19; James 15 and Mary 12.( These ages are not strictly correct.)

DEATH: At 3am on 21st March 1880 at Moranding, Kilmore shire County of Dalhousie,James Mannix, Farmer; Male Aged 61 yrs
Cause of death.Disease of the liver.
Description and Residence of Informant: John Mannix, Son, Goldie
Buried: March 22 1880 at Kilmore Cemetery, VIC
Born in Co Clare Ireland, 40 yrs in VIC
Married where, at what age and to whom: In Melbourne at 25 to Mary Bourke
Issue: John 30, Thomas 25, Edward 23, Patrick 21, Lawrence 19, James 15, Mary 12.

I have no idea why eldest daughter Margaret was not named- she was definitely alive as she was still having children with her husband Patrick Keenan up until 1886.

The inscription on James Mannix's headstone in the Catholic Cemetery, Kilmore, reads:
Gloria in Excelsis Deo / In memory of / James Mannix / native of county Clare Ireland / who departed this life / 15th March 1879 /aged 62 years / Also / Edward Laurence Mannix / who died 22nd December 1916 / aged 63 years R.I.P.

Mary Bourke Mannix was buried in the Burramine Cemetery with her eldest son, John Mannix.She died on July 21, 1891, and her memorial inscription reads:

“ Gloria In Excelsius Deo.

In Memory Of


Native of Limerick, Ireland,

Who departed this life

21 July, 1891,

Aged 62 years.


The Kilmore Free Press carried the following short article following Mary Bourke Mannix's death:
"Mrs Mannix, an old and much respected resident of this district, died a few days ago in the Tungamah district where with some members of her family she had been located for some time. Deceased lady was relict of the late Mr James Mannix, one of the very earliest of settlers oat Kilmore, and sister to Mrs Kelly, New Township, as well as the late Mr Lawrence Bourke, M.P. Time is making sad havoc amongst some of the oldest and best of our citizens, and I am sure there are many here who will much regret hearing of the death alluded to. Mrs Mannix was a good woman and I feel sure she will reap the reward of those who act well whilst in this sublunary sphere."
- Kilmore Free Press. Issue: Thursday 30 July 1891

The following is known about the children of Mary Bourke and James Mannix:

Margaret Mannix: married Patrick Keenan, 1867, Kilmore. Had nine sons- John b 1868; Edward Michael b 1869; Michael b 1872; Patrick b 1874; James b 1876; Pater Paul b 1878; Lawrence b 1881; Thomas b 1884; and Stephen b 1886.
Margaret's husband Patrick died on December 27, 1916, at his home at Kilmore. His will can be seen on the PROV website.

On January 11, 1917, the following article appeared in the Kilmore Free Press:
" Mrs P. Keenan of Kilmore has had more than an average share of affliction lately.About a month ago we had the announcement of the death of one of her brothers, Mr. Ed. L. Mannix; last issue we had a similar sad duty with regard to her husband Mr. Patrick Keenan. Immediately following the last sad occurrence comes the news of the demise of her son John, who departed this life on the 2nd instant after coming from Gnarwarre- where he resided- to Kilmore to attend his late father's funeral."

Margaret Mannix Keenan's obituary appeared in the Kilmore Free Press on February 25, 1926:

" In the death of Mrs Margaret Keenan, which occurred on Saturday afternoon at her residence, Hamilton Street, Kilmore, another old respected resident has joined the majority. Mrs Keenan, who was 78 years of age, had been ailing for about five months, was relict of the late Mr. Patrick Keenan, and reared a large and highly respectable family of nine sons, eight of whom survive, one of her sons being Mr. Steve Keenan, of Sydney Street. She was a daughter of Mr and Mrs James Mannix, a worthy pioneer couple who stood high in the estimation of the early residents. Mrs Keenan was herself blest as being the gifted possessor of many admirable qualities. The remains were interred in the Kilmore Catholic Cemetery on Monday, moving from St. Patrick's Church at 2:30 p.m. Fathers Ryder and Kett attended to the solemn funeral services, Mr. J. Beegan having charge of the mortuary arrangements."

Mary Ann Mannix: died in infancy.

John Mannix: married Ellen Bourke, the only daughter of John Bourke and Judith Meehan. He was the brother-in-law of my great-great grandfather, Paddy Bourke, of Burramine. The stories and photos of John and Ellen's family can be found in the section of this blog dealing with the children of John Bourke and Judith Meehan.
The genealogical notes on this family read as follows:

"Judith Mannix born April 10, 1885. Married James Rohan. No issue.

Mary Mannix: born 10 September, 1886. Married Matthew Wason. Children John b 1916; William b 1918; Ernest b 1921; Stanley b 1922 and Matthew b 1926.

Margaret Mannix: born February 4, 1891. Married Michael Considine.Children Margaret; Michael; Eileen; Mary; Judith and Thomas.

John Mannix: born 10 June 1892. Married Catherine Devern.Children John, Thomas and Brian.

William Mannix: born 13 April, 1895. Married Tessie Scott. Children Ailsa and John.

Edward Lawrence Mannix: son of James Mannix and Mary Bourke. His obituary appeared in the Kilmore Free Press on December 21, 1916.
" The death took place at Melbourne on the 15th instant of Mr Edward Lawrence Mannix, late of Seymour, and son of the late Mr. James Mannix, one of the pioneers of the Kilmore district. Deceased was a quiet, unassuming, kindly gentleman, was 62 years of age, and there are many old friends in this district who sympathise with the bereaved widow."

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