Monday, November 23, 2009

Birth Certificate of Patrick Meehan(aka John Harris)

Above: Patrick Meehan was registered as 'John Harris'. He was born to Annie Harris in Yarrawonga on June 6, 1983, and she married Michael Meehan on 24 August, 1893.Her baby son, as well as a daughter Daisy and another son Michael, all took the surname 'Meehan'.

Also of interest on this page of birth registrations is the entry above John is the birth of Thomas Bourke, son of John Bourke and Mary Jane Cain. John Bourke was the son of John Bourke and Judith Meehan,(and brother of my gg grandfather Paddy Bourke) so it was his first cousin Michael Meehan who married Annie Harris to become John Harris/Patrick Meehan's father.

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