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Margaret Ellen "Madge" Meehan

Margaret Ellen Meehan (known always as 'Madge') was the first born child of the marriage of Annie Harris and Michael Meehan, although she had an elder sister and two brothers who were born before her parents' marriage.
Madge was born on November 5, 1895, at Yarrawonga, to 27 year old Annie Harris and her 37 year old husband Michael Meehan. Annie's age on Madge's birth certificate states that she was 30, but since she was born in 1868 she was actually three years younger. Her age was often incorrect on certificates- not to make her appear younger, as is usually the case, but aging her by several years.Her birth year according to her marriage certificate would be 1866; her death certificate 1864; her birth year on the birth certificates of Daisy, Annie and William was the correct 1868; of Henry 1867; Michael 1866 and Madge and Patrick 1865!

Madge Meehan was educated in Yarrawonga, and in 1923, at the age of 28 years, she married Edward Timothy Hevern. Known as 'Ted', he was the son of Edward Hevern (1864-1920) and Mary Sheedy (1870-1941)It appears that Edward Senior was born as 'Edward Timothy Heffernan' at Taradale, Victoria, the son of David Heffernan and Anastacia Whelan. I have no idea why he changed his name from 'Heffernan' to 'Hevern'.
The Electoral Rolls show that the family of Edward and Mary Hevern were in Yarrawonga for the years 1909, 1914 and 1919. Edward Senir was a carter, and his son Edward in 1919 was a grocer's assistant.
After Madge's marriage to Ted, they moved to Leeton in NSW. The electoral rolls show them as follows:

1936: 31 Willow Street, Leeton.
Edward Timothy Hevern, shop assistant
Madge Hevern, home duties.

1937: As above.

1943: Currawang Avenue, Leeton.
Edward Timothy Hevern, manager
Madge Hevern, home duties

1949: Currawang Avenue, Leeton:
Edward Timothy Hevern, manager
Madge Hevern, home duties
Alsia Mary Hevern, home duties
Maureen Margaret Hevern, cannery employee.

Madge and Ted Hevern had two daughters and a son. Their son was named Patrick Edward Hevern, and he married Kathleen Patricia Carroll at Leeton on February 16, 1957. They had five children: Michael Patrick,Suzanne Maree, Graham John, Thomas Edward and Stephen Gerard.

Ted Hevern died in Leeton in 1963.His wife Madge died in 1975.

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