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Daisy Meehan

Daisy Meehan is another Meehan child whose birth is shrouded in a little mystery.Like her siblings Michael and Patrick, I couldn't find her birth certificate in the Victorian BDM index. Her death index entry stated that she was 81 years old when she died in 1970, putting her year of birth as c. 1888-89.
Once I located her brother Michael's birth under their mother's maiden name of 'Harris', I searched for Daisy under the same criteria. Sure enough there was a match...on August 29, 1887, at the Women's Hospital in Carlton, 19 year old Annie Harris had given birth to a daughter named Daisy Grace Harris. Annie's birthplace was stated as being New South Wales, which is incorrect, but Annie's age is right as is the name of her baby and the year of birth. The Women's Hospital was a safe place for unmarried mothers to give birth without too many questions being asked- note that on the birth entries page above,of the five births at the Women's Hospital, four were children without fathers named.Although Daisy was given the middle name of 'Grace', she always used the second name 'Teresa' instead-perhaps it was her confirmation name.
Daisy Meehan was days away from her sixth birthday when her parents married on August 24, 1893.Her schooling was done in Yarrawonga,most likely at the Catholic Convent School with her siblings.
I have always had a soft spot for Daisy Meehan...I love her name, and she was named in a newspaper article as one of the bridesmaids of my great-grandmother Bridget Mary Bourke at her marriage to Paddy Sheridan at Tungamah in 1898.
Daisey herself married a grocer by the name of Henry Stanley White, known as 'Stan', in 1915.They had two daughters that I know of: Jean Harris White (married Daniel Fitzpatrick) and Nancy.
The Electoral Rolls again helped me to trace Daisy's life up until 1954:
1931: Daisy Teresa White, Victoria Street, Kerang. Home Duties.
Henry Stanley White, as above, grocer.

1936: 40 Ferras Place, Albert Park.
Daisy Teresa White, home duties.
Henry Stanley White, grocer.

1937: 12 York Street, Prahran.
Daisy Teresa White, home duties.
Henry Stanley White, grocer.
Jean Harris White, sales.

1942: 102 Brunswick Street, Carlton
Daisy Teresa White, home duties.
Henry Stanley White, grocer.

1949: 102 Brunswick Street, Carlton.
Entries for Daisy Teresa and Henry Stanley White are crossed out with "Oakleigh" written over them.

1954: 246 Barkly Street, Fitzroy North.
Daisy Teresa White, home duties.
Henry Stanley White, foreman.

Daisy Teresa Meehan White died in 1970 at the age of about 81 years.

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