Sunday, November 29, 2009

Michael Coonan Senior's death certificate

The above certificate was a very poor copy, so the transcription is as follows:

15th March, 1873, at Wollert, Shire of Darebin, County of Bourke.
Name: Michael Coonan, Farmer.
Male, 53 years.
Cause of death: Effects of Strychnine taken by his own hand whilst of unsound mind. Sudden death. Verdict given at Inquest held by Mr.Candler, Coroner, on 17th March, 1873.
Parents: Jeremiah Coonan, Farmer.
Catherine Conroy.
Informant: Crossed out was "Michael Coonan, Son, Wollert", and underneath written " Richard Robinson, Constable,Present at Inquest."
Buried: 18th March, 1873, General Cemetery, Melbourne. John Daley undertaker.
Born: King's County, Ireland. 32 years in Victoria.
Married: Melbourne, aged 25 years, to Margaret Gleeson, and again Melbourne aged 37 years to Lucy Niall.
Issue: Margaret 28; Jeremiah 24; Michael deceased; Patrick deceased; Alice deceased; Michael 18. None by second marriage.

NOTE: The baby daughter who died was not Alice, but Catherine.

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