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Children of Lawrence Bourke and Hannah Mulcahy.

John Bourke was the first of nine children born to Irish parents Lawrence Bourke and Hannah Mulcahy. He was born in Campbellfield in 1846, and remained the only son of his parents, as his birth was followed by the periodic arrival of eight sisters.
John Bourke married Sarah Fryer in 1871, and the following notice was placed in the Argus:
"MARRIAGE: BOURKE-FRYER. On the 27th ult, at St. Patrick's Church, Kilmore,by the Reverend M. Farrelly, John, only son of Laurence Bourke, Esq,M.L.A, to Sarah, third daughter of the late Peter Fryer, Esq, of Molka Station, Murchison."
Peter Fryer was born in Lancashire, England,in c. 1804,the son of John Fryer and Mary Brooks, and emigrated to Australia. In 1842, at Geelong, he married Elizabeth Baker. Issue included Elizabeth, Jane and Mary, who were all born in the Wimmera region and baptised together at St. Peters Church of England, Melbourne, in 1850; and Henry Albert and Sarah, who were both born in Longwood, Victoria, and baptised on the same day in St. Peters, Melbourne, in 1856.Pater and Elizabeth's youngest child carried the splendid name of Eugenie Mary Caroline Annie Josephine Fryer and was born in c. 1859.
Peter Fryer would have been a contemporary of Lawrence Bourke's, both being successful farmers and miners in the Kilmore district. Peter died prior to the marriage of his daughter to Larry Bourke's son, and his 1868 obituary tells a little of his background:
"The death of Mr. Peter Fryer, whose station gave name to the diggings of Fryers Creek and later the township of Fryerstown,is reported by a Kilmore paper. Mr Fryer left the part of the country referred to while it was yet yielding its rich returns, and took up residence at Molka Station on the Goulburn, where he lived until a couple of years ago. He then purchased the property that he lately occupied at Floradale, and made some extensive improvements, which he did not live to enjoy. He contributed largely to the local and other charitable institutions. He died at Floradale on Thursday the 13th inst. from the consequences of a severe cold, which brought on inflammation of the lungs." Argus, 21 August, 1868.

"DEATHS: FRYER:On the 13th inst., at his residence, Floradale-House, near Kilmore, Peter Fryer, Esq, of Molka Station, Goulburn River,aged 64 years, formerly of Lancashire, England." - Argus, August 15, 1868.
Another of his daughters, Mary Fryer, married at Floradale House, Moranding near Kilmore on September 14, 1871. Her husband was Matthew William Bower, the youngest son of the late George Bower Esq of Buxton, Derbyshiore, England.
Daughter Jane Fryer married Joseph Dowling at Fryers Creek, Kilmore, in 1873; another daughter, Elizabeth Fryer, married William Campbell Hamilton in 1861; and youngest child Eugenie looked after her mother until the latter's death in 1882, following which she married John Patrick Glennon just over a year later.

John Bourke's parents Hannah and Lawrence died in 1874 and 1875 respectively.Their grandsons -the children of John and Sarah Bourke- were born in 1872(Laurence Edmond) and 1874 (John Peter Henry).
In the year or so after baby Laurence's birth, his father John went to NSW to try his luck on the NSW gold fields. An advertisement concerning the sale of land from his father-in-law's estate at Murchison, printed in the Argus in June of 1876, stated that one of the petitioners, John Aloysius Joseph Bourke, was "now residing out of the jurisdiction of the honorable Court."
I have no idea whether John's wife Sarah and his two infant sons accompanied him to the time of his tragic death in October of 1877, there was no mention of his family being with him in articles published in newspapers reporting the circumstances of his death.

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