Monday, September 15, 2008

The above photo was taken c. 1897, the year that Paddy’s daughter, Bridget Bourke, took over as licensee of the Victoria Hotel. Her name can be seen on the licensee’s sign to the right of the photo. The elder lady fourth from the right is Margaret Bourke, Paddy’s wife, and it may well be that the older gentleman on the far left is Paddy himself, although that is just speculation.I personally doubt that it is Paddy Bourke as he is quite tattily dressed, and in Paddy’s 1915 obit, it made a point of stating that “He was a man of fine physique, and until his last fatal illness he possessed a wonderful healthy and active constitution, and looked much younger than 75, which was his age.” The lady in the centre of the photo is Bridget Bourke.

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